Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay I've been doing a bit of traveling lately. It's part of my job. I haven't had a minute to work on any artwork since...early August, I guess. I did teach a 2-day mask carving workshop at a Kodiak gallery: The Artist's Eye. That was fun! Then I finished up a few masks I'd started this summer - since finally receiving my tools from home (my other home in Seattle). I haven't had a chance to photograph those 3 new masks, but will endeavor to do so this weekend.

So, where have I traveled to since late June? Well - Anchorage, two weekends in a row, then Seattle, then all of the villages around Kodiak Island, which are: Larsen Bay, Karluk, Ouzinkie, Port Lions, Akhiok, and Old Harbor. I just got back yesterday from my second trip to Seattle this season. Next week, I travel to Kenai/Soldotna, then San Diego, Portland OR, Seattle, then in October to Seattle, Anchorage, Anchorge again, then in November to Anchorage (again), then Seattle. Hmm...then I think I wanna take a vacation to...somewhere warm and sunny, which will require travel again!

Not a whole lotta art involved here. But I'm thinkin' on it.

So - here is one work of art that came out of me - my son Alex. I got to visit him in late August, on a day trip I took on Amtrak from Tacoma to Portland. He's sporting his tats he acquired in Thailand earlier this summer.


marja-leena said...

Oh Jackie, thank you for the comment on my blog! You've been in my thoughts, as I was wondering about no updates on your blog. I'm so pleased to see you have a new one! I am enjoying catching up here, much too early in the morning for I couldn't sleep any more. How wonderful that you are still doing your lovely art work, your fish carving is my favourite! What a handsome son! And, wow, how much you travel!

Elderberrystudio said...

Marja-leena: Thank you for visiting! Sorry I have been out of touch for so long - the summer just sort of flew past! Then my travel season started, and I hardly have time to just breathe! I have several masks I haven't even taken photos of yet - but will endeavor to do so today.

I've been thinking about you - there are a number of people on Kodiak who's heritage is mixed Finnish and Alutiiq/Russian. One fellow artist - Helen Simeonoff Knagin (Knaag) has done a bit of research about her Finnish roots. She found her family name was actually Knaag, named after some small town in Finland.

Welcome to my new blog! I will try not to be such a stranger!

marja-leena said...

That's interesting! I wonder if the early Finns came over with the Saami at the time they were invited to teach reindeer herding to the Alaskan First Nations, or perhaps they were fishermen?

The name Knaag does not sound very Finnish, nor could I find it on google... perhaps it's spelled a bit differently.