Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love Crush

"Love Juju", wood box, origami foil on cardboard, rusty nail, matches, metallic thread, found objects, Chinese news print, ribbon, hand-carved wood 'charm' "Lyubov/Love".

In February, I participated in the "Love Crush" postcard art show at Emerald Isle Framing & Gallery. Gallery owner Liz Mitchell sponsored the show & chose the theme: "Love", in honor of Valentine's Day. The show opened on Friday, Feb. 13, and runs through the end of this week. Despite our 8+ inches of snow turning to 6 inches of slush by Friday night, the opening reception was truly a 'love crush', and we had a blast!

The size restrictions were 4" x 6". My little shadow boxes for the show are:

"My Heart Burns for You", wooden box, paper clay heart, gouache on watercolor paper, origami foil, wood, feather, spruce roots, glass beads, brass pins, acrylic stain.

"Broken Heart", wood box, Chinese news print, carved cottonwood bark, electronics components, copper wire, glass beads, brass pins, acrylic stain.

"Love Struck" gouache and pen on paper, plexi-glass, plywood, copper rivets.