Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Work

This winter, I worked on a new series of shadow boxes. Since I didn't have my carving tools or any wood to carve (since everything was under several inches of snow at any given time), I made some gouache watercolors, then built the boxes for them. I sold the first two below at the Crab Festival Art Show over the last weekend in May.

"Tidepool Starfish", 6" x 6", gouache on paper, poplar box, glass beads. acrylic.
Front view.

"Kodiak Winter Crows" - 6" x 6", gouache on paper, poplar box, glass beads, acrylic, carved cottonwood bark, root.

The view from my cousin's living room is of the Baptist Church. All winter, there was almost always a crow or eagle perched atop the steeple. All of the birds were hungry, and hanging around town looking for scraps and garbage.

Front view.

And here's the Father's Day gift I made for my dad:
"Little Red Dory" - 5" wide x 9" high; gouache on paper, carved cottonwood bark, foil paper, glass beads.
Front view

Side view